interior / retail / 2014

This project focuses on the metamorphosis of an image, that of the modern everyday drugstore, into a new, friendlier and warmer environment.

The client is a company that owns a drugstore chain in Romania, and their wish was exactly thus: to redesign and reimagine the pharmacy, transform the drugstore into a richer experience for the customer.

The first “Farmacia” was opened in 2013, in the Promenada Mall, with great success.

The Radu Beller area is a very special area, full of chic cafés and stores.

This natural style of the area was distilled in our project, embracing its spirit and contributing to it by bringing a whole new approach to the vintage drug store.

Black and white checkered marble flooring is the backdrop for the wooden boxes filled with various pharmaceutical products.

The classic elements such as the plaster moldings enrich the space and create a comfortable, yet chic atmosphere.

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